A-Ventures specializes in long-term management of industrial assets with a focus on crisis management and business restructuring


The management company has rich and unique experience in long-term business management during which strategic and operating management of assets is transferred to a professional team of business managers. Some assets we deal with were or have been managed by us for over 5 years. With assets under management we have managed to achieve significant progress, both in terms of the growth of business capitalisation or the increase of dividend flows.   


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Should you need to acquire a new business, sell your existing one, or raise loan funds, A-Ventures Management Company is ready to help you reach maximal results. Our expertise in working with real-sector companies allows us to efficiently manage various transactions and evaluate the efficiency of your business.

  • Buy-side advisory

  • Sell-side advisory

  • Fund raising

  • Debt restructuring


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Distressed asset management

One of the key competences of A-Ventures is the distressed asset management and raising the efficiency of business operations. We have extensive experience in making various distressed assets profitable and restructuring them.

  • Business re-structuring

  • Bankruptcy procedure assistance

  • Crisis operating management

  • Selling non-core assets 

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Growth of operational efficiency

During our work with distressed assets, we have gained rich experience in the field of improvement of the operating efficiency of the businesses. In this context we render both short-term (raising the efficiency of cash flow and working capital management, etc.) and long-term services (creation of the general business development strategy, searching for new development opportunities, expansion to new market segments, etc.).

  • Development and revision of the business strategy

  • Raising the efficiency of working capital management

  • Improvement of the efficiency of operations

  • Raising the efficiency of the management team and corporate structure

  • Reduction of operating expenses

  • Assistance in business integration after mergers

  • Expansion to the foreign markets

  • Assessment and preparation of business for sale

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Protecting investors’ interests

Both minority and majority shareholders often face the necessity to increase the efficiency of the corporate management. From this point of view of a minority shareholder, it means the prevention of illegal operations such as withdrawal of funds from the company, as well as raising the flow of dividends. For a majority shareholder it means raising the speed of decision-making or the consolidation of shares. We have extensive experience in protecting the interests of both minority and majority shareholders.

  • The protection of minority shareholders’ rights

  • The analysis of companies’ operations

  • Purchasing/selling shares in companies (including share consolidation)

  • The settlement of corporate disputes and the solution of special situations

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