A-Ventures specializes in long-term management of industrial assets with a focus on crisis management and business restructuring


A-Ventures is a management company with the focus on management of industrial and service assets the value of which may be improved through the development and implementation of new business strategies, raising the efficiency of operating management, and raising financing for the purpose of business development. We have more than 10 years of successful experience in management of industrial assets from Russia, CIS, EU, USA, and Asia, Our expertise includes start of new businesses, improving the efficiency of operations, and making troubled assets stably developing.

In this context A-Ventures Management Company renders the following services:

  • Business development through organic growth and/or merger/acquisition/partnership with other players

  • The elaboration and execution of business projects

  • Entrance to the new markers including global expansion

  • Diversification of product portfolios, client, and supplier bases

  • The elaboration and execution of wide range of procedures aimed at business growth and sustainable development