A-Ventures specializes in long-term management of industrial assets with a focus on crisis management and business restructuring

The team of A-Ventures Management Company was formed in 2005 within Renova-Project Management Company. In 2007 a separate legal entity was established. The main part of the portfolio of the newly-established company was based on a part of the assets of Renova Group. Some of them were later transferred to A-Ventures Management Company for strategic and operating management. Having successfully executed a number of projects and gained experience in certain areas of competence, the company started rendering various services to external companies.

Among the key areas of the management company’s activity are long-term business management, business development, distressed asset management and pre-bankruptcy situations, as well as the settlement of disputes with creditors. The main goals of asset management are the increase of current dividend sums, the growth of the shareholder value of assets; the increase of asset value and its liquidity. 

Among the key clients of A-Ventures Management Company are commercial banks, direct investment funds, and individual business owners.

over 50 businesses

For the past 10 years we have managed

7 pre-bankrupt assets

have been successfully restructured

28 investment projects

Our clients have successfully, partly or completely, exited

over $500 million

Our clients -
shareholders have earned

The company renders services in the following areas:


Long-term asset management and development;


The company has extensive experience in the field of M&A involving the purchase and sales of assets, as well as debt restructuring and fund raising.

Distressed asset management

Rendering business management services to commercial banks and private players in difficult operating and/or pre-bankruptcy situations.

Growth of operational efficiency

Using its experience in asset management, A-Ventures Management Company consults business owners concerning various matters connected with increasing the efficiency of businesses, cost reduction, and long-term strategy development.

Protecting investors’ interests

The company has extensive experience in working both with minority or majority shareholders. Our services include protection from the misuse of funds and their withdrawal from companies, as well as the consolidation of shares.