A-Ventures specializes in long-term management of industrial assets with a focus on crisis management and business restructuring

Growth of operational efficiency

In A-Ventures we aim at assisting our clients in the improvement of their companies’ profitability and value potential. We develop and revise business development strategies, manage operating activity and working assets, improve corporate structures of companies, search for the best ways to reduce operating expenses, integrate business processes after merger, and assess the readiness of businesses for sale. Our experience in long-term asset development and management helps us achieve substantial results.

An efficient business strategy can help a company maintain a long-term competitive advantage. It reflects the company’s niche, its business processes, and ensures its proper market positioning. In our work we use our experience and the best business practices touching upon the development and implementation of strategic solutions. We revise clients’ current business strategies in accordance with the current economic situation and long-term tendencies in respective markets. Our goal is to assess the efficiency of clients’ business strategies and offer efficient solutions.

Efficient working capital management is one of the key factors increasing the efficiency of cash flow and cash deficiency management. We thoroughly analyse all components of working capital, detect weaknesses and search for ways to optimise related business processes. Our team helps clients increase the efficiency of their operations, correct deficiencies in business chains and implement advanced business practices (transaction hedging, insurance, factoring etc.) ensuring the reduction of risks.

The low quality of products and insufficient production capacity are often caused by the lack of production process efficiency. The roots of this problem often lie in inefficient production planning and resource distribution. A-Ventures Managing Company has extensive experience in solving such matters within assets under  management. We monitor the cost of production, product quality and the flexibility of production processes. We will help you develop and implement new standards of production procedures, new products, and improve the distribution of production resources. 

Our experience in dealing with distressed companies proves that often problems begin long before the crisis; they begin inside the company not outside of it. The best way to solve such problems lies in the efficient assessment of the companies’ structures, as well as its key personnel competences and duties. We interview employees from all departments (financial, production, sales, procurement, HR, etc.). Our goal is to identify the key employees of companies and evaluate the efficiency of their work. Such employees, directly influence companies’ business strategies and participate in their implementation. We help our clients understand which employees should be transferred, promoted, or left in the current position; which functions are unnecessarily duplicated; what is the overall flexibility of the staff is; and how well-centralised the management system of the company is. We also participate in the recruitment of key employees in cooperation with our partner.

Maintaining operating costs at a level depending on its size is a critical task for any company. Our team has rich experience in reducing the operating costs of Russian, CIS, and European companies. We reduce our clients’ operating costs, taking into account both internal (prime cost, staff size, remuneration level, general administrative costs, etc.) and external (supplier cooperation conditions, financing costs) factors. We will help you implement a cost reduction plan and will control its execution process. Our cost-reduction activity is based on the long-term goals of clients’ businesses and does not have any negative effect on its achievement.

After the purchase of a new company, it is essential for achievement of substantial synergies to efficiently business integration. The team of A-Ventures will help you search for new opportunities for the achievement of synergy, coordinate the integration processes, and eliminate drawbacks in your business structure. Our goal is to help our clients achieve the goals of their transactions and execute the potential of their business after the purchase of new assets.

The moment of partial or complete sale of an asset is the most important for any shareholder. Effective sale process requires thorough preparation. We provide complex advice on the evaluation of businesses’ readiness for selling. We thoroughly analyse assets, their financial situation, calculate their value taking into account all factors important for potential buyers, and detect risks which could have significant influence the selling price. Having detected those drawbacks, we develop and action plan for the owners and managers of businesses. The main goal is to maximise the market value of businesses.