A-Ventures specializes in long-term management of industrial assets with a focus on crisis management and business restructuring


Our main goal is to make use of our rich experience in corporate finance to solve our clients’ issues and have their transactions successfully executed. We share our independent opinion and suggestions with our clients and assist them at all stage of the execution of transactions– from searching for buyers or assets for purchase to the final stages of execution. We help our clients sell and purchase assets, raise loans, and restructure their loans. The professional team of A-Venture Management Company can guarantee the successful achievement of business owners’ goals, based on our extensive experience in investments and industrial asset management in real sector.

We pay special attention to the assessment of the goals of assets acquisition such as business diversification, raise of market share synergy with current business operations, as they have direct influence on future transactions. Taking the above-mentioned factor into consideration, our team searches for appropriate assets and thoroughly analyses their development prospects. We negotiate with the selling party and structure the transaction in accordance with the clients’ interests. 

The team of A-Ventures provides complex services in assistance our client in selling of the stakes in its assets. We help our clients assess the readiness of their assets for sale and find potential investors. We advise on transactions of sales of majority stakes, as well as the placement of small minority stakes (private placement). 

The analysis of the goals of additional fund raising is necessary for negotiation with financial institutions. Understanding the goals of clients is of essential importance for the choice of optimal solutions, regardless of whether the client wants to invest into the expansion of their business or reduce the current cost of capital. Based on the set goals, we help to choose the most appropriate type of financing: bank debt, new equity investment, or alternative financing option. We prepare the complete set of required documents and materials and choose the best sources of financing among banks, individual investors, or private equity funds. Afterward we help our clients on structuring the transaction. 

If your business faces significant debt load, is burdened by high interest rates, or has reached a pre-bankruptcy condition, we are ready to help you restructure your loans using our extensive experience in distressed asset management. We will analyse your loan portfolio and business development prospects. We will also develop suggestions in regard to debt restructuring. Moreover, we will participate in negotiations with your creditors on behalf of the business owner and assist you in structuring the transaction.