A-Ventures specializes in long-term management of industrial assets with a focus on crisis management and business restructuring

Distressed asset management

A poor economic situation, high debt burden, and low business efficiency can lead to the loss of consumers’, suppliers’ and creditors’ trust, and, consequently, the complete or partial loss of financial solvency and/or the minimisation of business value. We are ready to help our clients return their companies to normal operation and revitalise their businesses. The range of our services includes: business restructuring, assistance in bankruptcy procedures, operating crisis management, and selling of non-core assets. Our expertise in the restructuring of the assets of Russia’s largest industrial groups of companies can be used to efficiently solve a wide range of tasks.

The structural changes of market conditions and low efficiency of operations can lead to the need to restructure business. In A-Ventures we are always ready to make use of our expertise in asset restructuring to help you solve your problems. We will evaluate the risks, assess the efficiency of existing business processes, and their contribution to the overall efficiency of your business, as well as compare your current business structure with your business strategy. As a result, we will be able to optimise your asset portfolio, business management structure, and increase the efficiency of asset distribution. Our goal has always been to raise the profitability and value of our clients’ businesses.

When, due to different reasons, a company fails to fulfil its obligations to its contractors or creditors, a bankruptcy procedure can be initiated against it. Often in such cases the management and shareholders of the company need assistance from an external company at all stages of the process – from the publication of a bankruptcy decision to actual bankruptcy and the asset selling. Based on our experience, we represent the interests of our clients in various ways – we negotiate with creditors, challenge all questionable and non-transparent transactions, etc. We also control bankruptcy proceedings and the actions of the bankruptcy manager, as well as search for buyers willing to buy the assets of our clients.  

A crisis can demand the “manual” management of business. Being specialists in crisis management, we are ready to help our clients revitalise their companies from financial stand point. We detect current risks and reduce their impact on companies’ activity, protect the reputation and brands of companies, and preserve the value of assets at a required level. We also interact with all parties of business processes in order to maintain and improve relations in crisis situations. As a result, we are able to bring businesses back to normal operation and reduce negative legal and financial impact on them.   

Sale of non-core asset often may significantly improve the financial situation and provide necessary financing for the core business. A-Ventures helps clients identify such assets and sell them at the most favourable process. We analyse clients’ asset base, evaluate these assets and assess risks which can have negative impact on the selling price. We also help owners and managers find buyers and execute transactions in a timely manner.