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Alexei Beltyukov
Entrepreneur. Founder and manager of A-Ventures Ltd., New Gas Technologies, Mechanicus (since 2007).
A-Ventures Management Company – assets under management over $400 mil (pre-crisis valuation)
New Gas Technologies – venture project in utilization of associated petroleum gas
Mechanicus – car repair business.

Executive Director, later CEO, Board Member. Renova Project (management company, part of Renova Group) (2004-06), Russia, Latvia
Rationalized investment portfolio, turnaround management, launch of a new venture; strategy design, and implementation; asset acquisitions and disposals (27 deals closed), consolidation of eqity stakes, business restructuring, change of 7 management teams, rebranding, establishing corporate governance systems. Return on equity 78% per annum. Companies under direct supervision included: commercial bank, insurance company, pension fund, airport, sea port, 3 meat plants, local retail network, brewery, real estate developers, metals processing plant, turbine plant.

Vice President, Strategy and Business Development, Brunswick Capital (investment company) (2003-04), Russia
Launched rail car leasing business (Brunswick Rail Leasing), presently in the top-3 in the industry with a fleet of over 10 000 rail cars. Creation of the venture described as success story in a book by AT Kearney partner.

Associate, later Engagement Manager, McKinsey & Co. (1998-2003).

MBA, INSEAD (1997) Fontainebleau, France.
Since 2008 – member of the Advisory Council for Special Economic Zones of the Ministry of Economy.
Since 2009 – Entrepreneur in Residence, INSEAD.

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